How to make TheSplash NOT p2w!


Jul 17, 2020
Blah blah splash is p2w, spend 2000 Usd get sharp 5000 and 1 hsot everyone in pvp we alr know but like now were gonna talk about how to make it not p2w for next season 😎


For pvp to make it fair, Remove unchanter scrolls entirely and add custom enchants kind of like a factions server, by this i mean likecommon uncommon rare would have more enchants for example:

Thunder V: 7.5 percent chance to strike enemies with lightning level I-V

This would include armor making max prot for armor prot V so nobody has too many advantages. there would be armor enchants also

You'd also be able to buy protection scrolls for xp maybe around 100 xp levels for 1 or something not really sure.


For mcmmo lower the amount of multilier ranks get for mcmmo because a non could grind for 3 hours and get level 600 and an atlantis rank can grind 1 hour can get level 1.3k

The way the economy is fine currentlyeven with the donator shop. The only problem i have with it is keys. Even if you dont have money you should still have a way to get keys, Even if it takes a long time, Like a /missions or /quest command. Starter missions could be something like min 75000 cobblestone for a common key, Novice missions couldb e like mine 1000 iron ore or something and advances missions could be something like mine 500 diamond ore.

Each of those tiers giving a certin type of kyes :D

Thats kind of all for now i alr know none of this will be added most likely i just wanted to throw out some ideas wich is why this is horrible spelled and looks bad and unprofesinal but still it would make the server not p2w so minecraft doesnt do //wand and //cut the server :/


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Jun 16, 2020
Having missions/quests with rewards would be pretty nice, it'll give you a goal to try and accomplish so +1 on that.

Also put in server suggestions