how to make easy money as a beginner


Mar 31, 2020
if you're in the 0 - 10k cash range, there are plenty of easy ways to excel past that which dont require any farm

winning reaction chat games
the chat will announce when entities clear. when it says "5 seconds" left till entity clear, that also means 5 seconds left till next chat reaction game. if you are a fast typer, this is an easy $250 every 10 minutes. I made over 50k off of this in my time on the server.

snow blocks

snow blocks sell $1 a pc. find a snow biome and mine a bunch of snowballs. use 1.12 green book to quick craft those into snow blocks. in a day of grinding you'll make an easy 10k.
make sure you stack your shovels by thowing them on the ground


if you can afford a bunch of iron, make a bunch of shears. grass blocks sell $1 a pc, so find a grassy biome.

mining magma blocks

magma blocks are $1.5 a pc if I recall correctly and they are in bunches underground in the nether (/warp nether). get a fire res potion so you dont accidentally die in lava. get a good pickaxe (mine quartz ore for xp) so you can mine them fast.


voting is annoying but can bring in money sooooooooooo

these are some easy techniques
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