[FULL GUIDE] Reporting a player


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Mar 28, 2020
Reporting a player

Hey guys! I'm sure many of you new that you can report a player in the 'Player Reports' section, but this guide will follow through the process of taking a screenshot / video, uploading it, and finally successfully reporting a player.
(1) Before you report:

  • Check that the player has actually broken the rules found at https://thesplashmc.net/rules
    • This is fairly self explanatory. Some things are easy to spot such as spamming or advertising which is clearly against the rules.
    • Other things such as stealing someone's items may be less obvious. It's always a good idea to regularly keep updated with the rules at all times.

  • Make sure you're not breaking the rules yourself!
    • For example, accusing a player of using a hacked client, regardless of whether they are or not, is against the rules.

  • Advise, but don't mini-mod
    • Remember, players don't have the authority to enforce the rules on the server. While it may be frustrating to see someone breaking the rules, it is not in a player's power to enforce / threaten them to stop
    • However, you can certainly remind players of the rules if you believe they are violating them. Instead of threatening them, make a report.

(2) Evidence

NOTE: Please refer to the evidence uploading guidelines https://thesplashmc.net/threads/the-splash-evidence-upload-requirements.6/

The method to gather evidence is different depending on the situation. For example, to gather evidence of a violation of a chat rule, e.g. spam, a screenshot would be sufficient evidence. However, to gather evidence of hacking or tp-trapping, video evidence would be needed. I will go through each in turn.

(2a) Screenshot Evidence

NOTE: Please ensure that the screenshot is in alignment with the evidence-uploading guidelines. It must be an uncropped image.


  1. Press Win + R / open Run from the start menu depending on your version
  2. Type %appdata%\. minecraft\
  3. Open the screenshots folder


  1. Go the the Finder from the Go menu
  2. Select 'Go to Folder'
  3. Type ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
  4. Open the screenshots folder


  1. ~ is your home directory (usually /home/NAME)
  2. To access .minecraft the directory would be /home/NAME/.minecraft/.
  3. Open the screenshots folder

  • Click new post
  • You should see the following window:


  • Drag and drop the screenshot in the 'drop images here' section
  • Press copy link.
  • Congrats! You have now got accessible evidence which is compliant with the server guidelines and you will be helping make the server free from rule-breakers.
(2b) Video Evidence

I have already created a guide on how you can record video evidence, the link is as follows: https://thesplashmc.net/threads/record-minecraft-without-software.571/

Here's how you can upload your video evidence once you have recorded it:

  1. From my experience, the easiest way to upload a video to the forums is to upload it onto YouTube, and then link the video on your forum post.
  2. Uploading a video is fairly self explanatory, but remember to post your video as unlisted so that only those with the link, i.e. the staff member handing your report, can see it.
(3) Creating the report

  1. Under 'Support and Applications', click Player Reports
  2. Click submit post
  3. Fill out the relevant details and link your Imgur post or YouTube video as the evidence.
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Mar 28, 2020
Awesome guide :) I'm sure this will help a lot with the amount of successful reports.
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Mar 28, 2020
Umm so as you know starboy, I reported a player for trashtalking the server, and my report got denied because like, I think i sent a screenshot that wasnt correct or something? Idk.