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  1. Deije

    dont touch poggers

    dont touch poggers
  2. Deije

    dont touch pog

    dont touch pog
  3. Deije

    fox named poggers

    fox named poggers
  4. Deije

    dog named pog

    dog named pog
  5. Deije

    wait ur 13??

    wait ur 13??
  6. Deije

    How many of y'all are 16

    no u
  7. Deije


    i am from the uk my friend 1596736966 : (
  8. Deije


    it is not
  9. Deije

    im taking over the forums

    sorry but it had to be done im officially taking over the forums because i cant fall asleep and its 3am : p gets banned
  10. Deije

    How many of y'all are 16

    me and im turning 18 in 2 monthz
  11. Deije

    [FORUM GAME] Song Titles

    take on me - some meme song from 2014
  12. Deije

    IzNoxxy's Introduction

  13. Deije


    ive been here awhile and everyone already knows who i am... lmao jkjk (im just too popular it cant be helped) lol jk hi im deije/dj and thats my very much "americanized" name lol nice to meet you all wow i am so unfunny this is terrible
  14. Deije

    How are you guys today?

  15. Deije

    How did you find TheSplashMC?

    i think citate told me to join but idek
  16. Deije

    whats your favourite colour

    nono this is very much important to to the server