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  1. starboy

    [GUIDE] Becoming a staff member

    Hey all! As staff applications are open I wanted to create this short guide on how you can have your best shot at becoming a staff member! BEFORE YOU APPLY 1) Applying for the right reason Before you apply you should ask yourself why you're applying. Ask yourself, if being a staff member...
  2. starboy

    [GUIDE] How to make easy money farms!

    Nice guide!
  3. starboy

    [GUIDE] Unofficial beginners' guide to Survival!

    Thanks @Theo and @MegaPooPoo !
  4. starboy

    [FORUM GAME] Song Titles

    Rockstar - DaBaby
  5. starboy

    [FORUM GAME] Song Titles

    The Greatest - Sia
  6. starboy

    [FORUM GAME] Song Titles

    Everything I wanted - Billie Eilish
  7. starboy

    [FORUM GAME] Song Titles

    Hey guys! Let's bring the forum games back! HOW TO PLAY 1) The first poster says a song title 2) The second poster says a song title beginning with the last letter of the previous song title Example: Twisst: Blinding Lights Archyx: starboy I'll start.. In Your Eyes - The Weeknd
  8. starboy

    [GUIDE] Unofficial beginners' guide to Survival!

    Ty Arch <3
  9. starboy

    Thank you :)

    Thank you :)
  10. starboy

    My updated Iron Golem Chimney

    Please don't necropost. If you're unaware of what that means please refer to the rules:
  11. starboy

    ban appeals?

    You were originally temporarily banned by a Helper as we cannot perm ban people - this was extended to a perm ban by a Mod.
  12. starboy

    How's everyone doing?

    How's everyone doing?
  13. starboy

    I don't know when exactly but very soon :)

    I don't know when exactly but very soon :)
  14. starboy

    yo hi guys

    Hey there, welcome!
  15. starboy


    The server is currently under maintenance due to the glitch exploitation yesterday. Rest assured we will be up running soon :)
  16. starboy

    Hi I guess

    Hey there!
  17. starboy

    Winner's Choice Giveaway Results!

    Remember, the winner can choose between /fly, Aqua rank or anything else of this value! And the winner is...
  18. starboy

    [GIVEAWAY] Winner's Choice!

    You're welcome guys :)