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  1. Sploofie

    Is TheSplash Forums Dying?

  2. Sploofie

    How big is everyones cactus or ig farms

    mine is -1 x -3 x 2.56.
  3. Sploofie

    hi skepy introughduckshin

    hi me is skepy and i like 14. i like blue diamonds also.
  4. Sploofie

    Is TheSplash Dying?

    Yes, but one day it will make its return after skeppy does another video / maybe a big update .
  5. Sploofie

    [gUiDe] Best way to fool idiots

    (not real guide, i'm just bored ok :whistle:) watch the video above ^
  6. Sploofie


    for only a month for hacking reason. and yet i get banned 3 months for accepting money from my friend ;(
  7. Sploofie


    well guess who got false banned on pickle for 3 months :(
  8. Sploofie

    hi i funawaits

    h i
  9. Sploofie


    hoi hoi
  10. Sploofie

    How many of y'all are 16

    yeah i made a random age but not too random to make it look suspicious lol. most people don't put their real age anyways
  11. Sploofie

    How many of y'all are 16

    i am 16 - 15 so therefore i am 3 years old
  12. Sploofie

    whats your favourite colour

    i would say blue but since blue most common favorite color, purple if you're talking only about basic colors lol
  13. Sploofie

    hI splash

    o hi its me splOOfie i just registered my ePic forum account that's all i have to say