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  1. RxresRevenge

    Stay Safe.

    Hello guys! I just wanted to say, stay safe and stay happy during these times. I hope you all are also trying new things at home!
  2. RxresRevenge

    Hello All!

    Hey Guys my in game name is Kykzu, but most people call me Rxre as it was my old IGN. I've been on this server since about Mid May. During this time I have meet a lot of great people willing to help me out! Im really active, Im probably on 4 Hours or more a day. So if you ever need help with...
  3. RxresRevenge

    Player Cap

    I believe that we should increase the max players to join to at least 200, Theres a lot of people waiting till someone leaves to join. I just personally think that more people, the better.