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  1. IceStorm2407

    is the staff bad, ya think?

    The staff are working hard, and doing there best.
  2. IceStorm2407

    [FULL GUIDE] Reporting a player

    Thanks again! yall, stay safe!
  3. IceStorm2407

    [FULL GUIDE] Reporting a player

    very helpful! now i know how to properly report someone.
  4. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    WHY! 1586617766 LOL
  5. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    not this again...
  6. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    thanks so much jesse! does that mean i should wait for another year or reapply?
  7. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    so, i applied, i was denied but i met all the requirements but age... is it ok if i didn't meat the age requirement? cause thats were i went wrong... or do i just wait another year for me to meat the requirement?
  8. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    im doing good thanks! :D, hey jesse can i ask a question about applying ect...? 1586474224 im doing good thanks! jesse can we talk about applying ect...? 1586474251 oof, im so laggy it sent twice xD sorry y'all
  9. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    hi Jesse! how are you doing? :D
  10. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    this is getting a bit annoying now...
  11. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    BIG OOF xD
  12. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    LOL 1586371428 Are those all the server players?
  13. IceStorm2407

    Hey everyone!

    LOL thats a lot of people!
  14. IceStorm2407


    i found out that i was denied to, i did not mean all the requirements that just means i have to work on those requirements!
  15. IceStorm2407

    Coronavirus: Stay at home

    That was very inspirational! :D
  16. IceStorm2407

    hi my name is dame

    Hi my name is Arrow nice to meet you, sorry to hear you were banned! what where you banned for?
  17. IceStorm2407

    If a Staff member does not respond to your application.

    They Probably have not made it to your application yet, there are a lot.
  18. IceStorm2407

    When will these terrible staff be demoted.

    The Staff are working very hard! i think they are doing a great job!
  19. IceStorm2407

    Announcement Welcome to The Splash!

    you dont know that he might.