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  1. HiPlatinum


    Have you tried going into your account details to change it? Select your profile picture,"account details" and the option should be there. Let me know if you have any issues. :)
  2. HiPlatinum

    Announcement Winter Reset: Updates and More!

    Hi Emu, The server hasn't opened just yet! Won't be too much longer, head over to discord for more announcements! Thanks!
  3. HiPlatinum

    Platinum's Introduction

    The people have asked, I must do what the people want. We have a Pipi on the "dog bed" that's actually a toddler bed. We got her from the dogs home. She's meant to be German Shorthair Pointer X Border Collie. She's a mess tbh. Pipi Kinser (named after US sprint car driver Steve Kinser) who is...
  4. HiPlatinum

    Platinum's Introduction

    Hi All! It's HiPlatinum. I hadn't given an introduction to this forum either. Better late than never I guess! I've been playing on the server since around July and have fallen in love with the community thats here. I am now your friendly, neighbourhood Helper, which if you didn't understand...
  5. HiPlatinum

    Will You Be There For the Server Opening?

    I wish I was able to be, but unfortunately I start work as it opens then I have to go out for tea. But still so excited to see what we will have for the new season!
  6. HiPlatinum

    Announcement Winter Reset: Updates and More!

    No not my /god :cry: very excited to see what affect these changes have on the player count :love: