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  1. TheJayZ

    Congrats on Well-known member!

    Congrats on Well-known member!
  2. TheJayZ

    Has anyone submitted a staff application?

    Personally, I don't think I have the right attitude for becoming a moderator.
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  4. TheJayZ

    [Forum Game] Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, you can only drink the hot water. Wish the 3080 was in stock.
  5. TheJayZ

    Announcement End Reset: Information

    I'm very excited about this :)
  6. TheJayZ

    Art of Staff Team

    Shutterstock image pain
  7. TheJayZ

    [Forum Game] Count as High as possible Before a Staff Posts

    Does a manager count?
  8. TheJayZ

    Important The Splash - Official Voting Links

    The Splash - Official Voting Links On this page, you can vote for our server and bag yourself some awesome goodies! For each vote, players will receive one vote token which can be spent in the vote shop for a variety of different items which give you an advantage over other...