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  1. Speedblox


    So it's nearing the end of the month, Crazy how 2020 is near its end already. Anyways, has anyone accomplished any goals this month? or maybe did anything interesting? There hasn't been a post like this in a while so I thought I'd make one :) hopefully someone responds ;-;
  2. Speedblox

    Lunar or Badlion Client?

    A pretty common question, but I'm curious
  3. Speedblox

    What have you guys accomplished so far this season?

    So were a few weeks into this season and from what I've seen, A lot of people have made a good amount of progress. I'm curious as to what you accomplished so far, And what do you hope to accomplish before the end of the season? Pls leave your reply's down below and keep grinding!
  4. Speedblox

    Screenie with Mega

    Does this count? xD
  5. Speedblox


    GG to all the staff members who got promoted! You really deserve it!
  6. Speedblox

    Lot's of fun on the server

    I know not many people are active on forums here, but i just wanted to say that i have been having lots of fun on the server, The community is great and I love the game-play! Also the helpers are actually helpful and super chill. They're fun to talk to in voice chat and interact a lot with the...
  7. Speedblox

    More vibin with the bois

  8. Speedblox

    Vibin with the bois