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  1. PossiblyGG

    Question yes i know

    Excuse if this thread has been made already however does anyone know if those who are accepted for staff are required to go through a spoken interview? I saw that having a mic was required so didn't know whether it was required for a spoken interview or for staff meetings (or something else of...
  2. PossiblyGG


    Hey! I’m interested what the time is for everyone, what country you’re in and what your favourite and least favourite of the country are. I’m in the uk, it’s currently 2:20am, I hate the trash weather but like...hmm... the fact that Aldi sell the most useless things ever 😂
  3. PossiblyGG

    Staff Applicants

    Just wanted to say a big good luck to everyone that has applied for staff! It's unknown when applications will close and be handled but until then, good luck to everyone who did apply!
  4. PossiblyGG


    Ever get anxiety over small things? Well this is one of them lmaoo
  5. PossiblyGG

    Pineapple on pizza

    Pineapple on pizza, yes or no? Personally i love it and don't see why people hate it?
  6. PossiblyGG

    The server

    What's with the block lag on the server? I understand there may be a lot of people but if there are why not invest in a better server? Overall that money would be made back due to more people wanting to buy ranks due to less lag. I had to break a block like 4 times for it to break lmao
  7. PossiblyGG


    Hey, I'm Josh, I'm 15 and from the UK and like coding (where I can because I'm trash at it) and playing video games. I take French, Geography, Computer Science and Religious studies as my GCSE's and I'm definitely failing French and RS.