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    Read First Join Discord, Forums Archived Soon
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    Adios :)

    Adios :)
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    Important Season 5 Development Update [Balance & Few Features]

    Season 5 Development Update Greetings Splash! It's been quite some time since the last season and even an update to the server. However, this changes today! I'll be giving you guys some news and progression on the progression for Season 5 and what happens next. Keep reading for dates & other...
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    new npcs

    Saturday or Sunday, they will be mostly a gateway point to new players and easier server navigation.
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    Splash should be Overthrown!

    It's time for the Splash Republic to make a return
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    Will /enchant ever come back ;(

    It is- give it tomorrow or until next week, just transitioning to 1.16
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    Focus's Introduction

    Get good kid
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    Focus's Introduction

    What's your adventure rank?
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    Congrats on Well-known member!

    Congrats on Well-known member!
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    Has anyone submitted a staff application?

    Personally, I don't think I have the right attitude for becoming a moderator.
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    [Forum Game] Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, you can only drink the hot water. Wish the 3080 was in stock.
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    Announcement End Reset: Information

    I'm very excited about this :)
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    Art of Staff Team

    Shutterstock image pain