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  1. USblueberry


    so this happened the wall jay put was beautiful
  2. USblueberry

    Wild Jayz caught and caged

    Is this illegal? Probably
  3. USblueberry

    Sushi restaurant

    I've built the first (probably) sushi restaurant to ever exist on the server. Feeling proud. I messed up a lil with the dimensions of the place, but it looks natural.
  4. USblueberry

    Cactus farm Cave design

    lalo and I did some cave layout where our cactus chests are!! It looks cute
  5. USblueberry

    New base

    Ever since my friend and I moved, I decided to stop working on the castle and unclaim it. My friend found this super cute area, and ever since we've been building our base there. My friend got bored of the server so now it's just me working on it. Nacho built those stairs for me bc I didn't know...
  6. USblueberry


    Today was actually very fun at /pw pringles
  7. USblueberry


    That's all, that's the caption.
  8. USblueberry


    Lost all my stuff + my levels because I ended up spawning in a lava pool /wild it really do be like that sometimes. Well at least now I can note to put everything in my pv before using the /wild command. Made this post to inform others to do the same,, (if you don't have keep inventory ofc)
  9. USblueberry

    Progress with my castle

    Slowly the castle is coming together. Note that the entrance and that wall isn't going to remain the same, the entrance was built so I could go inside and to mark where I want the entrance to be. Honestly am super proud of my towers! Making the towers the way they are right now was hard because...
  10. USblueberry

    Debunking the P2w claims

    Disclaimer: You can disagree or agree with me on this, we all have our own different opinions and you're always free to express them respectfully. Personally, I disagree that this server is P2w as some people may claim. Yes, there are ranks, crate keys that contain OP items and more that you...
  11. USblueberry


    is it just me or am I not the only one who goes completely creative on their build, but doesn't know what they're doing?? Like I built this tower right, and made it look SUPER nice and fancy. However, I literally have no idea what I did and now I'm wondering how I'm going to recreate that tower...