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Nicki ❤

Mar 22, 2020
Welcome to The Splash!

Here at The Splash, we are dedicated to making a safe and enjoyable player experience, we ensure that this is possible by enforcing our network rules to all players. By playing on our server, you are agreeing to follow all of these rules-- breaking the rules will result with a punishment on any of our platforms.

Please keep in mind that if you see a player breaking these rules, you can report them here!

If something is not explicitly stated, but still gets in the way of another player’s experience, then consequences still may apply.

⭐ Please use common sense! ⭐

Network Rules
  • No charging back any payments
  • No use of VPNs/Proxies
  • No evading a ban/mute on any platform
  • No DDoS threats or actions
  • No account sharing

Gameplay Rules
  • No use of hacked clients
  • No use of autoclicker
  • No use of disallowed modifications (Click here to view allowed mods/clients)
  • No griefing around claims
  • No claiming around others only to grief
  • No claiming in order to stop others from expanding
  • No Inappropriate builds
  • No inappropriate IGNs / Skin / Nick / Item Names
  • No Scamming
  • No TP Killing / Death Traps / Border Abuse
  • No PVP Logging
  • No abusing gllitches -- any bugs must be immediately reported
  • No abusing alts / gain items
  • No stealing farm loot from other players
  • No spamming commands (e.g TPA Requests)
  • No lag machines/purposely creating lag
  • No disrupting another player's experience
  • No abusing commands (/back after dying in pvp)

Communication Rules
  • No spamming chat (e.g. repeated messages, links, symbols)
  • Stream/YT links must be related to the Splash, and be sent only once every five minutes
  • No solicitation
  • No racist / offensive topics
  • No hate speech
  • No inappropriate topics / links
  • No threatening any player
  • No form of suicide encouragement or death wish towards a player
  • No excessive disrespect/toxicity towards a player / server
  • No leaking / sharing private information
  • No advertising minecraft servers in any form
  • No impersonation of any player (including staff and 'popular' accounts)
  • Be kind!

Forum Rules
*All communication & network rules apply.

  • No spamming unnecessary threads
  • No post-boosting / using alts to boost stats
  • No joking appeals / applications / reports
  • No unnecessarily tagging users
  • No necroposting
  • No complaining about punishments

Discord Rules
*All communication & network rules apply.

  • No reaction abuse
  • No loud noises
  • No voice changers
  • No advertising servers to members though DMs
  • No complaining about punishments

You may view our Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy using the links below.

Last Updated September 19th, 2020
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