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    wait ur right...
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    What I saw today was amazing

    That's so epic! 😮
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    that is quite epic.
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    fixed :) 1639787545 sad doggo noises
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    I think everyone is doing good. I'm really excited for Season 5 and I hope everyone else is too! Also hello new epic staff and the others who got promoted. Anyways have a good day gamers. And just 2 questions to anyone seeing this right now, what is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft. (kinda...
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    hi lol

    hi lol
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    [ $10 Giveaway ] Winner's Choice!

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    Event Submission Christo5150's Entry

    Welp guys, he won by default. GG
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    Announcement Winter Reset: Updates and More!

    I'm so excited! GG to the top 5 balances, and looking forward to next season.