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    hI splash

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    Stay Safe.

    You can Dm me in game if that's fine with you!
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    Stay Safe.

    Bro, just be happy. If you need to talk to me or anyone just hit me a message Kykzu#4280
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    Stay Safe.

    Great to hear man, always stay happy
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Hello Splash Community!

    Nice to see you Exporatory! Welcome to the forums
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    What plugins do you use?

    Sorry, that's classified information. They are classified because people can find exploits for the plugin and can do bannable things Such as Duping, Backdooring the server and much more
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    what is the most efficient way to get money ?

    I would personally start out with a cactus farm until you get 450k and buy an Iron golem spawner, then create a farm for that
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    Stay Safe.

    :O you okay? 1596056504 Thanks bro
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    My End Jorney

    Good Luck! :P
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    Stay Safe.

    Hello guys! I just wanted to say, stay safe and stay happy during these times. I hope you all are also trying new things at home!
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    Progress with my castle

    It looks really good, Let me know if you need any help. :P
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    How long will the current spawn last?

    Yeah, I really liked the old spawn. It had so much detail!