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    Tacos Introduction

    I’m still the better food. L
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    Share your builds/accomplishments from this season!

    imagine not being able to get 69 mil
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    Will You Be There For the Server Opening?

    I’ll be 1 hour and 30 minutes late cuz of school -_-
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    Announcement Winter Reset: Updates and More!

    Pogggg. Hopefully these events will bring in more active and dedicated players. Cya in season 4!
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    Community Event Ideas

    I think like 5-10 dollars and 20-30 for a big event but not 250 like last time lol 1605387896 There once was a thing called sell wands...
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    Community Event Ideas

    I would like to see the splash hunger games, Last to get killed, First to reach the world border (without fly and gmsp), first to kill the ended dragon ( /warp end would be disabled and there would be a portal somewhere).Some ideas I have rn
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    How to make TheSplash NOT p2w!

    I think this is a rly gud idea +1
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    How did you find TheSplashMC?

    I saw the vid in March but I wasn’t planning to join the server but then 3 days later i was bored so I decided to join lol
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    Ded some more

    Ded some more
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    [Forum Game] Corrupt a Wish

    Granted , but you will always be starving almost to the point of the death. I wish I had super speed