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    Coffee or Tea

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    Announcement Building Competition: Futuristic WINNERS

    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! We are excited to announce the winners of the winners of this building competition! First Place: Zothwastaken 9462 64 -5835 Second Place: Archyx -9727 70...
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    Announcement Building Competition: Futuristic

    📣 EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 17th 📣 Welcome to The Splash's official build event! This thread will explain how the event will work, what we are looking to see for this event, and how it will be judged. Please keep reading to participate! This event's theme is Futuristic. Do you imagine pristine...
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    Announcement Winter Reset: Updates and More!

    Winter Reset: Dates and Information ⭐OPENING DATE CHANGED⭐ We are excited to announce the Winter Reset for The Splash! In this thread, we will talk about updates, changes, and new content. As always, in preparation for the reset, we will be Whitelisting the server on Sunday, November 29th...
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    Community Event Ideas

    Thread closed
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    Community Event Ideas

    Unfortunately that specific information cannot be given, however every item in the crate is useful, and items can be expected to be ranging from uncommon-rare (with the chance of a free tag!).
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    Community Event Ideas

    Just to give a little more insight regarding previous comments... We will be using event crates! (No buycraft vouchers)
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    Community Event Ideas

    Community Event Ideas Hello all! Although there has been a lack of content lately, Jay and I are working very hard to keep the community engaged! Many members were asked previously to submit suggestions, however in this thread, we would like to keep it specifically event related...
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    [Forum Game] Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, however as you keep living on, you will be forced to watch those you love fall. You will be in an endless cycle of creating bonds, only to be crushed by the grievous fate of death. They were not given the time that you were given-- you will have to live on forever watching--observing--...
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    Announcement End Reset: Information

    End Reset As of today, the End dimension has been completely reset! All players are now free to explore and uncover loot that they might not have been able to obtain before. Current Reset: August 18th, 2020 Reset Information As the End becomes sparse very quickly, we want to give the...
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    [Forum Game] Count as High as possible Before a Staff Posts

    Locked as this has turned into a post-boosting thread.
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    Moderator colour changed?

    May or may not be doing some changes.... : )
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    Announcement Tree House Competition: Winner Announced!

    Tree House Competition Winner! Thank you all for participating in this competition! There were many incredible tree houses, and I love seeing how positive the community responded to this challenge. Although there were many noteworthy submissions, there can only be one winner... The winner...
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    You were spamming-- spamming is against the communication rules and will be muted for. Follow the rules and you have no need to worry.
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    Is it fair to be permanently banned for pvp cheats, on a survival server, if it is your first time being banned.

    I genuinely don't care if you think that it's unfair-- you used hacks knowing full-well that it was against the rules. Claiming that "staff got it wrong" is an absolutely ridiculous claim when we have a list of network rules that you must abide by when entering our server. Also the "even pvp...